Tank Girl and Others Go Pop in Jim Mahfood’s Pop-Up Book

There’s only one Jim Mahfood — his frenetic, cacophonous and eclectic style leaps off the page. He’s pushing his aesthetic even further, into a third dimension, with his latest project. A pop-up book.

Mahfood is a Heavy Metal contributor — we ran his “Carl the Cat That Makes Peanut Butter Sandwiches in… Space is the Place” back in our September 2009 issue.

He is currently in his final day of raising funds for Jim Mahfood’s Pop-Up Funk on Kickstarter, but he sure as hell doesn’t need our help, having reaped nearly $40K against a goal of $18,000. If you, dear reader, dig the video and images below and want to get in on it, hop on over to Kickstarter.

Mahfood’s project blew past its funding goals, and is now available at Poposition Press.

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