Tank Girl and Others Go Pop in Jim Mahfood’s Pop-Up Book

There’s only one Jim Mahfood — his frenetic, cacophonous and eclectic style leaps off the page. He’s pushing his aesthetic even further, into a third dimension, with his latest project. A pop-up book. Mahfood is a Heavy Metal contributor — we ran his “Carl the Cat That Makes Peanut Butter Sandwiches in… Space is the Place” back in […]

Heavy Metal 299 Now Available for Pre-order!

Heavy Metal 299, the Mythic Worlds special, is now available for pre-order! We’ve assembled yet another impressive lineup of talent to bring you the best in science-fiction and fantasy, including legends like Richard Corben and Philippe Caza; repeat contributors like John Bivens, Peach Momoko and Steve Mannion; and numerous first-timers. To ensure you get the […]

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