Nomobots 02

This is the story of Nadia, one of the last humans in Sileo, a city where Nomobots (a particular kind of robot) rule and govern. She has escaped from a human farm and now she’s being persecuted by the Nomobot Police. Nomobots were created to avoid human extinction, they succeeded but there was a big […]

Frankestein Texas

Victor Frankestein and his monster were believed lost in the Arctic. This was a lie. Instead they fled West. To the New World. To America. Writer: Dan WhiteheadArtist: David  HitchcockLetterer: Jim Campbell 60 Page Graphic Novel

Dungeons & Burglars

The world of Dungeons & Burglars is a dangerous one. One can never guess where the knife, sword, mace, fire ball, spell which turns you into a frog, or the Troll attack will come from.  It is a world where mythological creatures, magic and warriors coexist like no other.  It is also a world like […]

SUNEATER: All Issues Shipped to Your Door Monthly PRE-ORDER SHIPPING LATE JULY

PRE-ORDER SHIPPING LATE JULY   Enjoy 9 months of Comics Every month you will receive 1 issue of Suneater straight to your doorstep.   ATTENTION: ALL SHIPPING PRICES ARE 1 TIME FOR ALL 9 ISSUES! PAY NOW, AND RECEIVE SUNEATER MONTHLY NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES REQUIRED!!!!    (Previews are in Black & White, Final Comic will […]


The planet’s gone to hell. Resources, completely exhausted. While the poor liveovercrowded, the rich acquire the possibility of a space program. They buy cryogenization procedures  and are launched into space, for a better life. But… What if you get ripped off?  Post apocalyptic science fiction meets closed-room mysteries.  Writer: Rodolfo SantulloArtist: Carlos Aon  116 Page […]

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